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What is Android Developer Lab?

Our Android Advocates are going on a world tour, traveling to locations all around the globe! Hear about the state of the Android platform, get hands-on with the latest version of the SDK, meet like-minded Android engineers, play with the latest Android devices, test your apps, and ask your questions directly to Android team members.

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Space is limited, so please wait for an email confirmation after you've been registered before making any travel plans.

What is the Structure of an Android Developer Lab?

Android Developer Lab consists of Bootcamp and Technical Sessions.

Bootcamp is a hands-on training experience where experienced Google engineers will show attendees how to get started with Android Development, from machine setup to SDK download to the creation of a few simple applications.

Technical Sessions are presentations where Google engineers will speak about key Android features and show developers how to use them effectively to create great applications. All sessions will be in English.

Upcoming LatAm ADL Sessions

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date: Oct. 28, 2010
Time: 09:00 - 13:00
Venue: Sheraton WTC
Av. das Nações Unidas, 12.559
Itaim Bibi - São Paulo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date: Nov. 1, 2010
Time: 09:00 - 18:30
Venue: Universidad Catolica Argentina
Av. Alicia M. de Justo 1680
Edificio San José
Buenos Aires

Santiago, Chile

Date: Nov. 4, 2010
Time: 09:00 - 18:30
Venue: Facultad de Computación de Universidad de Chile
Av. Almirante Blanco Encalada 2120

Facultad de Ingeniería de Universidad de Chile
Av. Beaucheff 850


In Android Developer Lab Bootcamp, Google engineers will show attendees how to get started with Android Development, starting from SDK installation and configuration of the development environment. After the initial setup, they will show participants how to use the environment to create, compile and run Android applications.

Don't forget to bring your laptop to Bootcamp! However, bandwidth at the event will be limited, therefore, in order to speed up the process, we kindly ask you to download the following files beforehand and bring them in your hard drive:

Android SDK
android-sdk_r07-windows.zip (Windows)
android-sdk_r07-mac_x86.zip (MacOS X)
android-sdk_r07-linux_x86.tgz (Linux)
Eclipse Development Environment
Select your platform and download the appropriate file (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers):
Eclipse Plugin (ADT)
All platforms: ADT-0.9.9.zip
ATTENTION:After downloading these files, do the following:
  • Install Eclipse.

  • Install the Android SDK (unzip it to a directory of your choice).

  • Run the (sdk_path)/tools/android application, which will display the "Android SDK and AVD Manager" (on Windows, the file is called "SDK Setup.exe")

  • Select "Available Packages"

  • Expand the "https://dl-ssl.google.com/..." item.

  • Select the following:

    • SDK Platform Android 2.2, API 8

    • SDK Platform Android 2.1, API 7

    • Documentation for Android SDK, API 8

  • Click "Install Selected".
It's very important that you download the files beforehand, since there will be no time for downloads during the event! The instructors will presume that everyone already has these files on his or her hard drive.

Technical Sessions

Each Android Developer Lab has four sessions presented by experienced Google engineers from the Android team.


Android Developer Lab Brazil will only feature Bootcamp, not technical sessions.

Argentina and Chile

Note: In Argentina, the technical sessions will occur within DevFest. During registration for ADL Argentina, you will be given the option to sign up for the Android technical sessions at DevFest as well.

15:00 - 15:45 SDK Overview and What's New in Froyo
Billy Rutledge
This session will present on overview of the Android SDK to developers. In addition, we'll highlight important and exciting features that have been added to Android recently including Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) and the Market Licensing Server.
15:45 - 16:30 Effective UI Best Practices
Tim Bray
Good user interfaces and optimized user experiences are important on any device, but are even more important on mobile devices that have limited screen real estate and are being used by people in a hurry. We'll talk about UI and UX design patterns on Android and how to use them to greatest effect.
16:30 - 16:45 Break
16:45 - 17:30 Flexible Android Applications: Adapting to Hardware and Locale
Fred Chung
Android provides facilities to make flexible applications that work well for everyone on any piece of hardware running Android. This session will cover localization and internationalization, as well as how to write an app that can detect and adapt to the hardware and software resources available to it.
17:30 - 18:30 Building High Performance Applications
Tim Bray
Build Android applications that are smooth, fast, responsive, and a pleasure to use. Also, learn about the tools and techniques we use to track down and fix performance problems.
Notice: schedule, presenters and contents may change without notice!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Android Developer Lab look like?

The precise schedule for each lab session varies by location and availability of speakers. There will be presentations from members of the Android team at Google. There will be time to get hands on with the newest Android SDK. We'll have many sample devices on hand for you to play with and test applications on. You will have the opportunity to get your questions answered by Android experts, as well as a chance to meet other like minded members of your local Android software development community.

Why isn't [my country/region] on the list?

We'll gladly take suggestions for the next round, we just didn't have enough time to get to everyone this time.

When and where are the Android Developer Labs?

Lab sessions will be held between October and November at locations across the globe. The list of dates and locations are listed on the home page. Most locations are only offered for one day, and space is limited. Be sure to sign up early.

How long does a lab session last?

The schedule for each lab session varies by location, but in general assume that the lab session will last 4-6 hours. Details will be emailed to attendees in advance of the event.

Who is organizing the Android Developer Labs?

The Android Developer Labs are organized by Google.

Am I guaranteed admission if I register online?

No. You are not fully registered until you receive a confirmation email. If space fills up, you may be placed on a waitlist. We will contact you before the event if a spot becomes available for you.

Is there any fee to attend?

No, this event is completely free of charge.

What if I miss the registration deadline?

Developers who miss the registration deadline for a location will not be able to attend that Android Developer Lab. However, you are welcome to sign up for any other lab sessions that still have open registration.